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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

 Welcome to Care Clinic

Our approach is holistic and naturally based and centers on assessing and balancing your health on three levels:-

Structural - Bones, joints and muscles
Biochemical - Hormones, nutrition, homeopathic and herbal
Emotional - Stress including relationships, work and trauma

Our clinics and methods used are tailored and orientated so as to provide the most appropriate treatment and care for all members of the family, from newborn babies, children, teenagers, adults, pregnant women, and the elderly.

Who do we Treat? Babies from 1 day old, infants, children, teenagers, adults and the elderly. Our methods are gentle and thorough. Each treatment is tailored to the individual needs.

What do we Treat? All the blocks that do not allow the body’s own healing wisdom to express itself.

Our clinics and dispensaries are located at

Bondi Junction Ph (02) 9386 4335

Gladesville Ph (02) 9879 5688

Online www.healthdispensary.com




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